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What is Fast-5?

About the Fast-5 Diet and the Fast-5 Lifestyle:
Fast-5 is a way of eating — not a conventional diet. It's a way of eating that is consistent with a lifestyle emphasizing simplicity and value. You can learn more about Fast-5 at the summary page and read what bloggers and news reports have to say about Fast-5.

About Fast-5 Corporation:
Fast-5 Corporation is a 501(c)(3) organization formed to support health-related education including the Fast-5 Diet & Lifestyle and offering clear information about everyday choices. Fast-5 Corporation ( operates this website, maintaining free access to the downloadable PDF of the Fast-5 book and other information regarding the Fast-5 Diet and Lifestyle. Read more about Fast-5 Corporation.

Fast-5 is about living with simple, effective measures for health, with the emphasis on living. The Fast-5 diet and the Fast-5 lifestyle are uniquely freeing because they do not require meticulous planning, calorie counting, or dogmatic food selections. The Fast-5 lifestyle is simply the choice to maintain the Fast-5 way of eating indefinitely to maintain a healthy weight.