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First Blog Entry

This is my first blog entry on the new site, which is temporarily titled "Fast-5 Life." This is the third major website revision since Fast-5 LLC began in 2005. The Fast-5 way of life has been spreading through trusted relationships. In that time, with zero advertising, it's literally reached around the world. It's not really a diet, since it does not specify what to eat. It's not a lifestyle all of its own, because it's compatible with many lifestyles. I think it's especially compatible with those who wish to make a smaller footprint on the Earth in the way they live. Less packaging. Less consumption. Less waste.

Many people who adopt the Fast-5 way of eating also find an increased appreciation for simplicity and value. Perhaps it's not really an increased appreciation for simplicity, but an increased resistance to advertising and less susceptibility to efforts made to cultivate want for things.


I love Fast-5 and have adhered to it religiously for 2.5 months now, having lost a whopping 37 pounds.

I do want to say that a common side effect (based on myself and all my friends who were persuaded to follow my lead) is rather severe constipation. I think it only right that you mention this on your site.

Otherwise, I feel terrific. No hunger any longer, and I really ENJOY my eating window!

Linda in Amarillo

Linda in Amarillo

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here here Linda! I am just over 3 weeks. I agree this is something I experienced. I was a "good Pooper" so I really noticed. But what helps me is remembering to drink more liquids during fast and to break my fast with fruit, wait 30 to 45 minutes and then include veggies in my meal.

Keep it up!

Eat an Apple right before your eating window is about to end. This works as a great bowl stimulator!!


Almonds! Break fast with Almonds it will definitely help since they are a huge source of fiber.

Before I adopted this diet, I had what could politely be called a 'spastic' colon. Fast-5 has brought me into a normal daily routine. I eat a lot of roughage (oranges, beans, potatoes, whole wheat bread..... ), and with Fast-5, my GI tract has never been so trouble-free.


Mike Clayton

To respond to your entry, I just wanted to add that what attracted me to trying Fast Five was that it is truly wholistic in its approach and different than any other fads out there, or any approaches I've ever tried in the past. Because it is tolerant of different foods, schedules, and lifestyles, it is easier to incorporate into what I'm already doing. I like to think of it as fine-tuning my existing diet but rethinking the way I look at food! Thank you. Tomorrow will be the end of my first week and it is getting easier everyday. I wish other people could understand that the science behind Fast Five really makes sense even though it goes against everything our consumerist society has taught us.


Thought I would through my 2 cents in here based on my longevity with Fast-5. I am now 159 days almost 6 months and have to say one word....consistency. The key to success is consistency (and dont move your 5 hour window). I started on this program (hate to call it diet because it really isn’t a diet) to improve my over all health and to lose weight. I started at a weight of 148lbs (at 5'7) size 10-12 clothing size and I am now 131 and a size 4. 17lbs in 6months. The goal was to become a size 6 but the inches continue to fall off. That’s the wonderful thing about this way of life (Fast-5) is you lose inches before you see the pounds decrease. Literally after 3 months the inches just started to melt away and I am not joking!! Again the key to this success is no cheating, you really have to be disciplined and listen to your body. Once you start to recognize what your body is doing, it becomes easy. Socially the 19 hour fast window really is the only challenge, people eating all around you and wonder why you’re not……. I just tell them “I am not hungry”. The temptation is there but then you start to think “am I really hungry or just “think” I am hungry because I see food and smell food”. I am now at the maintenance point and looking for suggestions. I have tried the 1 day a week where I don’t fast but my body doesn’t like it. I don’t feel good when I eat before the “window” so I am now trying to figuring out how best to maintain this weight without losing more….any suggestions?

Excellent post. Well done.

Thank you for your post! It's inspiring to hear from people for whom this has worked. I've been on this for 8 weeks (consistently, except for that one weekend...) and the pounds have been coming off very slowly. I'm happy to hear you noticed a change at three months -- hopefully I will experience the same thing.
Did you have any long plateaus at the same weight?
Thank you and please keep posting with your experiences!

What I read in the book was to increase the amount you eat in your window without changing the window time.

today is my first day. it is a little confusing because three days out of the week i work nights and i have four days off. my sleep patterns are also erratic. i just want to stick to 5 pm until 10 pm. i have to be to work at 7:00 pm and when i get to work i am a RN i usually very busy the beginning of the shift. i like the way mr herring explained about the limbic system and appetite. i feel that it will be easier to abstain from eating than to limit eating once i am eating. right now it is 0915 am and i am very hungary but hanging in there.

I am going to give Fast-5 another shot starting tomorrow. I did Fast-5 for eight weeks in the spring and lost 11 pounds, but then I hit a plateau and got discouraged. I tried not eating flour or sugar and lost another six pounds in a week (not on Fast-5), but then hit another plateau and I've been drifting around kind of aimlessly (diet-wise) since then. However, I was able to maintain the weight loss until just this past week. I've been eating more sugar and white flour (life has been a bit stressful) and gained three pounds. I could feel and see the weight gain and tonight I got on the scale to verify and there it was - three new pounds!

I really enjoyed Fast-5 when I tried it last spring, although when I get stressed at work it can get very hard to deal with the hunger. I'm hoping I can get some good support and advice on getting past the next plateau and on just hanging in there for the long haul when stress and temptation inevitably become issues. I didn't take advantage of the online support last time around, so maybe including support this time will be helpful.

I found Fast-5 to have an interesting spiritual component for me personally. Something about not eating and having to face the hunger seems to bring in more consciousness/awareness. I like that. It also helped to lessen my irrational, previously unconscious, fear of hunger. Interesting.

So, I welcome your comments and insights.



I was wondering -- it's been a couple of months -- is it going more smoothly for you this time?



Hi everyone I tried fast5 last spring for about 11 weeks and loved how it made me feel but did not see a significant weight loss so it sort of fizzled out of my life but it left this amazing impression on me in the way it made me feel. So I decided to give it a longer try this year I really wanted to loose 15 lbs by April 16th for a wedding that I will be taking lots of photos for, but after starting fast 5 for 5 days now and feel the way I do I'm not sure if the weight is so important anymore. The way I feel and the freedom I have in not really having to count calories or not worrying about what type of meal I need to prepare because I ate this and that already today is wonderful. I also read Fit for life just before I decided to start fast 5 and had started to eat only fresh fruit and juice from the time I woke up till noon, and decided to use this rule for my fast 5 diet well instead of fasting till 5:00 pm what I do is eat fruit only fresh and only pasteurized juices as soon as I feel I'm getting hungry or feel week and need a little nutrient to get me going and so far my starting to eat the fruit is getting closer and closer to my time to break my fast at 5 pm and it seems I've shrunk 1 inch already in my waist no weight loss dough but I'm hopping to see that soon I should not be weighing my self everyday anyway because that is so wrong but I can not help it because when I look in the mirror I see my stomach has shrunk and I keep thinking I should see lbs gone. Anyway I feel amazing energy I've actually been on my treadmill 3x this far which is total amazement for me because I usually have no energy what so ever on those low carb diets or high protein carb up diets. I will post again in 9 days at the end of my 2nd week to keep you updated on my experiment wish me luck thank you.


I have been so blessed with this way of life. I am on day 11 and feeling wonderful. My MS brain fog is almost nil, I am not fatigued, I am exercising and strength training, I have more stamina. I need to leave the scale! but my clothes are feeling better, and I believe I am looking better.

I've always relied on the scale. I can see that isn't a good Idea. I really need the commitment for the REST OF MY LIFE AND THAT IS WHAT i AM SHOOTING FOR.

So, I don't need a scale...doctors will do that for me when I have to see them. MY only "monitor" will be a BP monitor and that already has improved in just 11 days.

Years ago, people didn't stop what they were doing to eat; mostly they waited til evening and it was based on whatever they caught....and they had to prep it.....

I am a fisherman...I love fishing and have missed it terribly. I am excited about the prospects of going soon.
It will be wonderful to just HAVE my water and enjoy the day without thinking I need any kind of NIBBLING. I hate the NEED tos. Just good quality WATER.....available all day...that is all I need.

Thanks so much DOC....You have blessed me with this WOL.



I'm glad it's going well for you and hope it continues to do so. Please keep us updated here as the months go by. Living life is what it's all about.


Sometimes, it is all about staying busy with things you really like to do. Forget about FOOD for the day....really don't need to think about it at all. I am trying to encourage my husband to do this with me, but He will drop weight overnight when he does this. I know this has to be my LIFE. I will let my doctor daughter scoff...and my other college student daughter look at me skeptically. I'd rather just have a real success with my MS getting quiet for a long period of time. I sent them the "benefits" and physiology of fasting as the truth is in the facts.

Today, I will continue with my "arts". I sew, actually made a miniquilt for my daughter's art show....that is a first for me, making something for the display. Its kind of where I am at. I'm not sure why, but my mind is so clear, i seem more creative. Good thing as previously, that only happened when I had to take IV steroids to quiet the MS. Now I am quieting it naturally, and goodness, I am acting like I am really motivated to ACT. Its kind of nice, as it just shows this is my personality, it isn't steroids!

I am ready to see what is next!
No lbs,,,,major pounds lost yet. Seems like I am varying with the water weight and constipation....but I am 6 weeks in....I don't care if ther is no lbs lost....I FEEL GOOD....that is worth MORE.

Found about this site and program today and I think it might be exactly what I need. I've tried other programs and all they want you to do is eat, eat and eat some more - lots of meals, small meals, protein meals etc. My schedule doesn't fit the eat eat eat model. I like this idea of eating for only one five hour period.

I"m wondering though - my metabolism is so slow now, will this help speed it up? I've read all the stuff and still a bit nervous about it and excited at the same time as this is something that finally seems to fit my lifestyle.

So, today because I found out about it, after I already had breakfast I guess this doesn't count really as day one. Will start with the eat from 5 - 10:00 PM today and then fasting until 5:00 PM tomorrow. - That's really day one.

Self-discipline is not my strong point - it will be a test for sure.

It there some place online for tracking progress etc., or is this it?

The Fast-5 plan won't have a significant effect on your metabolism. All the stuff you may have heard about eating breakfast to keep your metabolism up is just part of the effort to sell you breakfast. So-called "starvation mode" doesn't change things until after several days of fasting.

Fast-5 doesn't require much self-discipline. It's like a big lever that transforms a little will into a lot -- you may amaze yourself. Keep in mind that typically, those who start "cold turkey" (that is, without gradual adjustment to a limited eating window) have a rough spot on the third or fourth day, then it gets better and better. If you do hit that rough spot, all it takes to get through it is to keep trying. Your body is an amazing machine that will adapt, given the chance.

There are many weight tracking locations around the web, so there is no tracker here. The one at looks well-developed to me.

Best wishes,


in the book, under "problems and solutions", on page 46, the solution says "there is nothing special about 5 pm, but there is something special about the duration of the fast-5 fasting period and SLEEPING DURING THE FIRST PART OF IT." how important is this (ie. sleeping during the first part of the fasting period), what is the reasoning and how soon after the fasting period should one be sleeping?

The length of the fast is special - it works for very nearly everyone. Some can get away with a shorter fast, and others require more, but 19 hours works and is fairly easily tolerated by more than 90% of the people I've heard from. Sleeping early in the fast can also be special by being helpful, but the two don't have to be connected.

The reasoning is that when one is sleeping, it's an easy way to avoid eating, so it avoids temptation for the first part of the fast. Many people have set windows at various times of day, 1-6, 3-8 and don't find much difficulty resisting the temptation to eat after the window is closed. Those who do have that trouble and find themselves snacking after the window is closed may benefit from a later window and sleeping in the first part of the fast. Others are uncomfortable going to bed soon after eating, so experimenting and tailoring the schedule to one's individual schedule and lifestyle is the way to go.

thanks so much. i think this is going to be an answer for me, the fast-5 i mean. i notice that after the fast i am hungry but not excessively so. being hungry makes it possible to start with more nutritious fare. vegetables taste really good when i am really hungry. normally, or should i say in the past, i haven't particularly liked vegetables. also when i am eating continuously, and not particularly hungry, i am looking for foods that are more entertaining and which therefore are full of fat and/or simple carbohydrates. boredom is fueling my food search. often the foods are more expensive as well. i live in an area known for its great food. i also find that my kitchen stays cleaner. easy to clean up after one meal. no piling up of dishes when i am too tired to face them. i am discovering more and more ways in which this eating pattern fits. also the guilt is gone when i am eating, making eating much more enjoyable. i am not panicked that i won't be able to eat what i want ever again. i only have to wait 'til tomorrow.
again, thanks so much.

LOL. When I was growing up, my best friend's father ate like this. He would eat one meal a day. He was a bus driver, and very regimented - not stiffly regimented, but he had a regular schedule to which he adhered. He would eat his meal sometime between 12 and 5 pm. On special occasions, he would eat with his family. He was always slim and trim. Not an ounce of fat, but not looking like a skeleton either.

I have tried the Overeaters Anonymous Greysheet. It worked very well, but there was a lot of excess baggage - weighing an measuring, planning meals, calling your sponsor. It worked, but it was also so annoying. I have wanted to get back on it because I felt good and lost weight. But I can't face the annoyance baggage.

I will try this diet. It is how animals in the wild eat and survive. I don't like the idea of eating after 8PM, so I think I will start with meals between 3 - 8PM. It allows me to have a late lunch and an early supper. I'm normally too busy to eat before 1 or 2, and I'm not particularly hungry when I wake up any way.


3 PM - 8 PM is a common choice and should work well. Best wishes with your trial. Please give it about 3 weeks before you decide whether it's a "keeper" or not. Most of the changes of adaptation occur within the first couple of weeks, but it can take a while to trust your body's fuel storage and not overeat in anticipation of the next day's fast. As you said -- the animals in the wild survive that way, and humans "survive" that way too. I'd say they not only survive but thrive, but let us hear how it goes for you.

I am brand new to this fast-5 program and actually stumbled upon it tonight and anxious to start it right away. My only concern is that I am currently going through the "Insanity" workouts daily. (Which burns between 800-1000 calories a workout) My plan right now is to start my workout routine at 4:30p (each workout runs about 40 minutes) and end around 5:15p and then drink my recovery formula to break-fast. I wanted to work the Insanity workouts into the 19 hour fast so I can eat directly eat after the workout in order to recover. From there I plan on eating between 600-1000 calories for dinner.
With the combination of the workouts and the fast-5 program, is a zero calorie count for the day healthy? possibly a negative calorie count? I don't want my body to tire out and feel fatigued all the time. Do you suggest that I cut the workouts down to smaller sessions? I am not very good with the scientific aspect of the body, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
Either way, I am very excited I found fast-5 and CANNOT wait to change my lifestyle. I find myself not hungry much of the day anyway, so this will really create a concrete foundation for my eating habits.

Best regards

Mr. Pav

Good luck everyone!

Mr. Pav,

I'm not a doctor but that seems super scary. Be careful and speak to a dr. before you do this.

I apologize for not getting to your post sooner. I don't think I understand what you mean by zero calorie count. Zero could mean eating nothing, or it could mean breaking even such that calories in are the same as calories burned. If you are at your goal weight, then you want calories burned to be the same as your calorie intake. Usually your appetite takes care of this and actually counting calories is not necessary. If you want to lose weight, then calories burned must exceed the calorie intake.

If by zero calorie count, you mean eating nothing all day, that's fine (but not something you can do every day--eventually you'll be truly starving.) As an occasional thing, I appears to do no harm. The ideal is to find a rhythm that you and your body like. For some people, that's eating every other day or fasting all day a couple of times a week. Fast-5ing, for a healthy person, does not put any limits on your activity, but it does not make one a superhero either -- no matter what your eating schedule is, adjustment time is appropriate if you're starting new, physically demanding activities.

I did the program a few years ago. Since then my diabetes had gotten worst. My sugar count was up more than 500 at times. I could not see that I would even be alive in the next few years. I had gotten diabetic retinopathy and didn't know how long I would even keep my eye sight. I started the Fast-5 Life again and now my average count is 90. My retinopathy is completely cleared up and I feel great. I'm loosing weight and I remain active. I can't understand why I ever stopped.
S Duncan, Jacksonville, FL

That is great that your bs's dropped. I would like to know if you ate mostly low carb when you ate? or ate what you wanted? Are you on meds? I still am a bit confused. there is a 5 hr window, but we are suppose to eat one meal a day?
Karen K

Hi Bert,

I have a question. Since I started fast-5 2 months ago - lost 12 lb. - I find that I'm eating only one meal - the first one - within my 5 hour window, because I'm too full to eat more.

Thus, since I complete me meal within an hour, I'm having a 23 hour fast.

Is this detrimental to my health? Should I force another meal within my 5 hour window?

Thanks in advance,


There's no need to force another meal. One meal a day is fine. You haven't said what your present weight is or your goal weight, but the only time eating more is the healthier choice is if you are underweight. Some people, usually with a chronic illness, may be in that situation, so it depends on your circumstances.

If you are overweight, then Fast-5 is working and your body has become aware that you're carrying around a lot more surplus fuel (fat) than it needs. So, it's burning it as fuel to provide you with energy and telling you via your appetite not to eat much. That's the way it's supposed to go. Some people choose to eat every other day and that's still a healthy choice -- if the food is nutritionally adequate and the person is not underweight.

Best wishes,

i started this new way of eating 5 weeks ago and i have lost 4 pounds
so far.i like it because there is no special food to eat or pills to take.
i have been on other diets and i think this is the best yet.getting
through the 19hours is hard but so worth it i also feel more energy
than before.i eat most anything during my 5 hours and i think that is
why i can stick to it.
thank you for this book.

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Hello there,

I'm new to all this, but I just wanted to say I read an article about Fast-5 in a Dutch magazine and I'm happy to have read it. It sounds so logical, simple and natural. I started yesterday by delaying my breakfast until noon, but today I thought I might aswell try to delay it until 5 pm. Right now it's 4.30 pm and I still feel great. A little hungry ofcourse, but as I read in your book, that can do no harm. Still going through my daily stuff. Thanks so much for this great 'diet', the easy-to-read e-book and this wonderful website. I'm very excited and I hope to post more later on, when hopefully my goal weight is more in sight.

- Merel
The Netherlands

Hoi Merel,
Ik wil ook gaan starten, maar ik begrijp dat het jou erg goed bevalt na een dag?
Ik ben zo benieuwd..
Misschien kunnen we contact houden?

Hoi Irene,
ik las over Fast-5 in de Grazia en dacht laat ik het eens proberen.
Misschien kunnen we met z'n allen contact houden om elkaar te steunen en evt tips te geven?
Gr. Sandy

Hoi meiden,

Ook ik heb het in de Grazia gelezen en ben wel benieuwd. Misschien kunnen we idd een NL gedeelte erin houden hier. Ben nog niet begonnen, maar heb net wel een account aangemaakt en het E-book gedownload. Ben eigenlijk wel heel benieuwd naar jullie ervaringen tot nu toe.

Groetjes Wendy


Het lijkt mij ook wel wat om dit te doen.
Dit is mijn eerste fast-5 dag, nog geen noemenswaardige honger tot dusver.
Nu nog even het e-book lezen...



Wat leuk zeg dat er al meer Nederlanders op de site komen! Ik ben vandaag toe aan mijn derde dag. Gaat best goed moet ik zeggen. Ik ben wel gewoon aan het werk, maar moet eerlijk zeggen dat ik met de lunch vaak mijn "eigen gang" ga en het dus verder (nog) niet opvalt :-) Ik heb wel mijn eating-window op een tijd van 3-8 gezet, want ik trek dat niet hoor tot 5 uur niets eten en ben blij om mijn 2 boterhammetjes en appeltje te kunnen eten. Daarna is het tussen half 6 en half 7 avond eten en daarna sporten. Gaat tot nu toe echt nog perfect, maar goed we moeten wel even doorbikkelen voor we resultaat zien helaas (over algemeen pas na 3 weken wat je overal leest) Wat zijn jullie ervaringen tot nu toe?

Groetjes Wendy


wat leuk om te lezen dat meerdere mensen meteen zijn begonnen met dit dieet na het lezen van de Grazia. Ik heb dag 4 net afgerond en het gaat steeds beter. Vanaf 17u eet ik niet meer als normaal en dat voelt goed. Moet wel in de gaten houden dat ik m'n vitamientjes binnenkrijg als ik eenmaal ga eten, ik ben snel geneigd wat ongezonds te pakken als eerste hap. Op mijn werk is het onvermijdelijk het dieet ongemerkt te volgen, ik werk in een klein team en het valt dus erg op als je niet mee-eet. Maar het doet me weinig. Ik ben erg benieuwd hoe komend weekend verloopt met al die vrije uurtjes.. Succes allemaal!


dag iedereen ik ben nu bezig met dag 2 en het gaat prima. ik moet wel steeds aan eten denken! (hebben jullie dat ook)
wat eten jullie in die uren?? en hebben jullie ook zoveel last van hoofdpijn?

Hallo allemaal,

Ook ik ben nav de Grazia begonnen met de nieuwe levenswijze. Mijn schema is van 15.00 tot 20.00.
De 1e dag ging goed, de 2e dag was al iets moeilijker (maandag en een werkdag van 06.30 tot 16.00) en nu gaat het wel weer. Ik heb gelukkig geen last van hoofdpijn en ga ook niet snoepen als ik mag eten. Wel bedenk ik s'avonds al wat ik de volgende dag ga eten. Wat ik fijn vind is dat je gewoon alles mag eten en uiteindelijk toch gaat afvallen. Ben benieuwd! Iedereen succes!

Dames, de hele truuk van vasten is dat je gewoon minder eet en dus ook minder binnenkrijgt.

Door je te beperken om alleen binnen bepaalde tijdstippen te eten heb je gewoon minder tijd (en maagruimte) om te eten en consumeer je vanzelf minder. Zondigen door middel van ander eten, ongeacht of het nu een gezonde salade of een stevige hamburger met kaas is iets wat gewoon voorkomen moet worden. Intermittent Fasting (waar het fast-5 regime ook een vorm van is) is gewoon een manier om je leven in te delen zodat je minder gaat eten.

Beschouw het dan ook absoluut niet als een dieet (En begin ook niet meteen cold turkey met elke dag 19 uur niet / 5 uur wel te eten) maar als een levensstijl. Ik zou beginners persoonlijk ook aanraden om ipv de hele week 19/5 aan te houden simpelweg beginnen met één keer per week na het avondeten niets te eten tot het volgende avondeten.

Eet de rest van de week gewoon verder en kijk of dat bevalt. Doet dat het, bouw dan langzaam op naar 2-3 dagen. Effectief doe je ongeveer hetzelfde als fast-5, maar jullie weten ook allemaal dat het gaat om permanent gewichtsverlies en niet snel wat verliezen. Richt dus op die maximaal (!) halve kilo per week die nog gezond is om te verliezen (en vol te houden) en bouw langzaam een verandering in je leven in. En speel gerust met de verschillende vormen. De een voelt zich lekker met fast-5, of een fast-4 variant, sommige mensen eten gewoon 2 dagen niet (drink wel genoeg water!) en weer andere mensen wisselen een vastdag af met een normale eetdag.

Een paar dingen die in ieder geval (voor mij) heel fijn zijn aan vasten en daarom ook de reden waarom ik het in mijn levensstijl verwerkt heb i.p.v. enkel als dieet gebruik:
- Ik voel me helderder als ik vast
- Enorm veel kunnen genieten van die eerste maaltijd van de dag
- De tijd voor lunch en ontbijt lekker aan iets anders besteden

Gewichtsverlies en potentiële gezondheidseffecten zijn een mooie 2e.


Zo te horen ben je al veel langer met deze manier van eten bezig?? Ik doe het nu een week of 5 en het bevalt goed. Bergrijp ik het nu goed dat het ook prima is dit bijvoorbeld 3 of 4 dagen in de week te doen en bijv op de dagen dat ik sport niet? hoor graag van je!

vr gr miek



ik ben eigenlijk ook wel benieuwd! Wil er graag aan beginnen maar vraag me af of je de ene dag van 12.00 tot 17.00 uur kunt eten en de andere dag van 15-20.00 uur??

Hi allemaal,

zo te lezen een hoop dames die in de Grazia het artikel hebben gelezen, waaronder ik zelf ook :-)
ben erg benieuwd geworden naar deze manier van leven en ga er dan ook graag mee beginnen.

Vandaag zijn m'n verstandskiezen getrokken, dus gelijk een goede start, mocht vandaag namelijk niet eten.
Gaat tot nu toe erg goed, tuurlijk wel honger momentjes, maar mag wel thee en water dus dat gaat prima zo ver.
Komende dagen rustig opbouwen met vloeibaar voedsel en dat ga ik proberen tussen 16-20 te doen. Ik merk namelijk zelf dat als ik later dan 20 uur nog eet ik dit niet lekker verteer en heb daar later op de avond vaak last van.

Wat verder ook als goede motivatie kan werken ( wat bij mij in het verleden wel heeft gewerkt) is een darmspoeling. Dit is een fijne manier om even je lichaam helemaal te laten reinigen en waardoor je ook meer energie krijgt en je helderder voelt. Alle gif/afval stoffen worden weggespoelt uit je darmen. Ik heb er erg veel baat bij gehad, had last van een onregelmatige stoelgang, veel krampen en gas. Dat is nu veel minder. Morgen ga ik weer toevallig voor een onderhoudsbeurt om zo maar te zeggen .

Ik doe het niet voor het afvallen maar meer om lekkerder in m'n vel te zitten, merk dat m'n lichaam er heel positief op reageert als ik al die stoffen kwijt ben en gezond eet. Dit lijkt me een goede aanvulling daarop.\
Kan het jullie zeker aanraden!

Groetjes en leuk om elkaar een beetje op de hoogte te houden van de ervaringen, altijd goed om dingen te delen, motiveert ook weer!


Hoi meiden,
Wat eten jullie nou in die 5 uur. Ben nu 5 dagen bezig en ik merk wel dat ik ook alles naar binnen prop. Ik probeer nu wel wat gezonder te eten, maar eten jullie gewoon brood en avondeten. Ik wil wel wat afvallen, maar merk dat ik dat nu nog niet doe, maar dat hoort geloof ik he. Pas na 3 weken ga je wat afvallen begreep ik....

Ik eet gewoon wat ik altijd at en ben ook pas even bezig.
Ik eet wel gezond, veel groenten en fruit bv.
Ik hoop dat je iets hebt aan dit antwoord.


Als je jezelf vol gaat proppen in die 5 uur snap je natuurlijk zelf ook wel dat je niet af gaat vallen.
Voor het beste resultaat kan je het beste de maaltijden die je dan eet verdelen over die 5 uur.
Begin bijv. met een schaal yoghurt met vers fruit en muesli ( gezond en vult behoorlijk)
dat is dan je break-fast.
daarna eet je onvg. 2 uur laten je normale diner. zorg dat er altijd verse groentes bij zitten en zorg voor aardappels/rijst/pasta en vlees/vis.

later kan je dan nog kijken waar je zin in hebt en waar je lichaam behoefte aan hebt. Maar als je veel drinkt heb je al veel minder honger. Eet dan als snack iets van komkommer tomaat of lekker fruit.
natuurlijk kan je ook andere ' ongezonde' dingen eten maar dan is het resultaat minder en sowieso is het slechter voor je lichaam. Al die geraffineerde vetten/koolhydraten zijn veel minder goed te verteren door je lichaam.

Ik hoop dat je hier wat mee kan, als je wilt afvallen natuurlijk. Anders denk ik sowieso dat een gezonde levensstijl met gezond goed voedsel veel beter voor je lichaam is en dat je daar uiteindelijk veel meer profijt uit haalt.

Ik merk het bijv. echt als ik gezond eet, dus wat ik net opnoemde of als ik weer aan de koekjes/snoepjes en taart ga zitten natuurlijk moe thet een keer kunnen maar vaak blijft het dan niet bij 1 x of 1 stuks.
Mijn lichaam reageert daar gelijk op, krijg meer last van krampen, opgezette buik enz.

Ben nu in de 2 dagen dat ik bezig ben al een kilo kwijt. Door te leven zoals ik hier boven zeg.

Succes ermee! groetjes


Hallo allemaal, lees in veel berichten dat ze het window hebben verplaatst naar bv 2 tot 5. Zodat ze dan kunnen lunchen en ook avondeten. Maar het is toch de bedoeling dat je maar 1 maaltijd per dag nuttigs? Dat las ik in het e-book. Op de laatste pagina geloof ik.


Een vriendin van mij kreeg ook het advies voor een darmspoeling. Sindsdien zijn haar darmen nog meer van slag.