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Why is Fast-5 Free?

Sometimes people ask my wife and I how we're going to make money with Fast-5. When we say we probably won't, it raises some eyebrows. Why bother? Partly because money is what caused the problem in the first place.

Many people are overweight simply because food marketing and advertising has been pervasive and successful. "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day" has become nutritional dogma without a shred of solid science behind it. "Jump start your metabolism by eating" has become common even though it makes as much sense as trying to drain your car's gasoline (petrol) tank by adding fuel to it. Follow the money, and you'll see most of the cause of the obesity epidemic. "Eat healthy" is okay with the food producers as long as you eat, eat, eat and keep the money flowing. The fitness centers, weight-loss centers and pharmaceutical companies have no objection.

Where do we go from here? We're building this organization into one that organizes and commissions unbiased research centered on real-world outcomes, then translates that research into good, trustworthy information for better choices and better health for the average person. If you've seen a benefit from Fast-5, you're seeing the result of the kind of research we'd like to do more of.


I agree with your sentiments on the money not always being the driving force. Sometimes you do something for the sake of doing it--not for financial gain.
Congrats on that mindset!

Karen in Iowa

Hi Bert:

I've seen great results on fast-5, and the partial reversal of those results when going off fast-5 for just a few weeks. I've decided I will use fast-5 to slim down from 256 lbs (starting weight) to 202 lbs (target weight), and have started a blog to track my progress - the blog URL is:

Keep up the good work!

You and your wife are literally lifesavers for putting this information out on the web free of charge. I believe God used you and The Fast 5 Lifestyle as an instrument to set me free from overeating and excess weight. Thank you!! Nice new website!!

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I have followed this diet in the past, because it comes naturally to me given my physiology. However, I have always listened to the advice of others and have accepted that this style of eating as unhealthy. This is so, even though I have always felt better with more energy when I fast through the day. Five years ago I lost 40 pounds only to regain 35 of them when I returned to a 'normal' life style. I am now back on this routine and, in a month, have lost 2 inches from my waist and feel great. I read your book yesterday and had a deep sense of relief that following this routine for the rest of my life is a realistic option. Thank you!

Mike Clayton

One of the main reasons I was attracted to your diet plan is that doesn't cost anything. I have tried so many other diets, spent hundreds of dollars, only to gain the weight back. As you information is free, I have more trust that it works. Thank you for sharing this with the rest of us.

I started this diet, eventhough I've never needed to lose weight, simply because it's an incredibly simple way of eating. I wake up in the morning without having to even think about breakfast (not to mention the breakfast dishes). When most people are yawning at 3:00 from their big lunch, I have energy to spare! If I've had a strenuous workout the previous day, my fast is usually pretty tough, but I find it strengthens my will power. I always find it amusing when a co-worker complains about being hungry because he "hasn't eaten since breakfast". I used to get hunger headaches and extreme irritability if I went 5 hours without eating. Now, I feel like I'm more "in tune" with my body and what I need to eat. Best of all, my workouts and my physique have never been better; I usually workout in the middle of my eating window, around 7:00 pm. My arms are bigger (I've always had tiny arms), my chest, back and legs are growing all the time and my abs have never looked better!!! I couldn't imagine going back to eating throughout the day. I just wanted to write a great big THANK YOU for providing this book (for free!) and this diet that have truly made my life more enjoyable; I know it sounds silly but I enjoy eating so much more now. This book is changing lives and I'll do my part to continue referring all my friends and family to your site.

I have been living the Fast 5 lifestyle since January 1st and so far I have released 36 Lbs! It has completely transformed me inside and out. My skin is clearer, my hair is thicker, my energy is higher, my sleep has improved, my body is smaller, I am happier.

I have never tried a plan that has worked as well as this. I never feel like I am even dieting. I am just LIVING and enjoying it. My hunger pains have decreased DRAMATICALLY, I rarely feel hunger now and when I do it is such a mild and distant sensation that is easily dismissed and goes away quickly. Food no longer rules my life and I KNOW, I just KNOW that I will reach my goal and stay there for the rest of my life, no question.

I am so grateful for Fast 5, thank you so much for making this information free.


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I am just shy of month following Fast 5 and have lost 12 pounds. It's remarkable how much of it is from around my waist, too, and I am seeing a great difference in muscle tone and a reduction in inflammation, joint pain. I have been able to resume running again after an injury last fall, and I have found I can run 5 or 6 miles while fasting with no discomfort or increased hunger. I am not following low carb or Paleo, but I am eating very minimal grain, because I find those to be inflammatory. I was able to overcome some mild constipation by adding some sprouted chia powder to a green smoothie I have everyday to break my fast. I am consuming a fair amount of fresh fruit as well as copious vegetables including greens and root vegetables as well as nuts and legumes. I have eaten some eggs and shellfish, but pretty limited. I do not eat dairy.

It really is helping me get on top of a life-long food addiction and issues with portion control and feeling deprived when dieting. I like myself so much better when I am not a slave to this.

Yesterday at work a young man who is a body builder asked me what I was doing, had I lost weight, and was I working out? This is the first time someone noticed since I started. I was psyched.

I would like to have my fasting glucose checked sometime soon. It used to be up over 130, but when I lost weight previously it had dropped to 90. I always have had I hard time getting it lower than that. I am curious what daily 19 hour fasts have done for my pancreas. I don't fast on Sundays, but I have found I am able to eat sensibly on those days with no problem.

Thanks, Bert and to all who post. You have been an inspiration.


I'm glad you're seeing progress. Exercise may not be essential for weight loss, but it is essential for maintaining strength, so it's good to see you doing that too. Many studies find frailty to be the common factor in the health decline of aging, but frailty can be avoided by staying active and asking our bodies to do more, not less. Best wishes for your continued success and health!

I can't seem to find where to download the free version of the book. When I click on the book on the home page, it sends me to Amazon to purchase it. What am I doing wrong?

When you're logged into this site, the link "Download E-book" should be visible just below your username in the left sidebar (just below the logo in the upper left corner) at the top of the list that includes "My Profile" and "Recent Posts." If you don't see the link there, please email info (at) fast-5 (dot) com.


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Thank you for making it free.

My husband and I are on day three. We've tried many ways before -- all stunningly unsuccessful, some remarkably short-lived. For the first time ever, we believe we have found a doable plan. We have always understood that whatever we found that works, must be for life.

We will eventually be donating, especially given how we'll be saving enough money to up the quality of food we buy. Only right that some of those savings should be used to pay it forward.

I'm glad you see a lifetime change is key. Your help in reaching more people would be appreciated. To some extent, that happens by itself when friends and family see it working for someone. Results work pretty well at erasing skepticism.

I've been maintaining a weight loss for over a year now with Fast 5. I really appreciate your writing the ebook, and also appreciate the fact that the ebook is free. Had it not been free, I probably wouldn't have read it. It would have been my loss, but thank God you aren't greedy!

At any rate, I just want to thank you for the book!

Thanks for your post, and congrats on your weight loss maintenance. It's nice to know it's out there working for folks.
Best wishes to you!

Thanks for making your book available for free, Bert. I'd also like to thank you for your clear writing style and for keeping your book "lean" rather than including a lot of filler as the marketing gurus suggested.

I'm just starting to push back my "break-fast" time, but your approach seems to have worked well for a lot of people and appears to have a sound basis, so I'm optimistic that this could be a system that works and that I'll be able to stick to.

Nevertheless, with all the (often conflicting) diet information around, I think one always needs to remain a bit skeptical. I did come across some quite negative comments on Fast-5 made by "melkor" at . He (or she) seems to be quite irked by your diet. It can be difficult for someone who's not an expert to know who to trust/believe. In fact, it seems that even the experts often don't agree on what is or isn't a healthy way to eat.

I guess the comments made by this "melkor" character are not enough to put me off. If you had the time to look at them and offer a response, I'd be interested to hear.

Anyway, the fact that you're prepared to give your book away lends your system more credibility in my eyes. It seems reasonable to hope that your book isn't just aimed at cashing in on people's desperation to find a way to lose weight that's healthy, effective and sustainable.

There was a time when I thought that it didn't matter when a person consumed a calorie. That was before I observed evidence in my body to the contrary. Given the evidence, I opened my mind to consider why it might work that way, and identified a viable explanation. That's how Fast-5 came about: Evidence first, explanatory hypothesis second. That's the way science is supposed to work. I don't say that Fast-5 is the perfect solution for everyone. I don't say that those who have an effective weight-loss or weight maintenance solution should switch to it. I say that for those having trouble losing weight, it's well worth a try.
Your skepticism is good and you should keep it. What evidence did Melkor present that Fast-5 doesn't work? None. Only a rant saying that I'm promoting binge eating disorder and that he/she had such evidence. Anyone who believes Fast-5 has anything to do with binge eating doesn't really know what it's like and is making assumptions. And yes, once someone tries Fast-5 and feels the control and progress that it provides after adaptation, I would not be surprised if they would resist changing back despite Melkor "tying him to a chair and beating him until he agrees " with Melkor.
So keep your skepticism engaged and look at what the Fast-5 book is. It's my testimony that this worked for me, and I can offer a science-based explanation of why it is very likely to work for you too -- and why timing matters. Will it work for you too? I can't and won't promise that. I'd bet on it, though, because the odds are in my favor -- thousands of successes (many to the point of being life-changing) to maybe four I know of who gave it a solid try and either didn't see progress after a reasonable trial period or remained so uncomfortably hungry they couldn't sustain it.
So keep your skepticism up, look around the net. You're welcome to join the Facebook and Yahoo groups and ask questions. However, until you try it, no one can be absolutely certain whether or not Fast-5 is a good solution for you.

Thanks for your reply, Bert. I'm amazed that you're willing to help total strangers and take the time respond to their concerns.

I agree that this Melkor doesn't seem to offer anything more than an unsubstantiated rant. I suppose your system is so unconventional that many people are inclined to reject it out of hand (no doubt without actually having read the book).

I'm just three days into the process of shortening my eating window. Hopefully I'll manage to avoid too much slippage, and in a month or six weeks I'll see for myself if I'm able to tame my appetite and stick to the 5-hour window without feeling bad.

Best wishes from Catalonia!

I'm very excited to have stumbled upon your website. My whole adult life I have struggled with the extra 10-20 pounds off and on but never had any issues as a child. I got to thinking about this today. When I was at my thinnest without trying my eating schedule was the same as the fast 5 plan. I never liked breakfast before school and usually skipped lunch as well to hang out with my friends instead. After school I would eat a snack and then have a good sized dinner. After graduation the pounds crept on and I have been trying to get rid of them ever since. I'm excited to be getting back to my roots and start living like a kid again. Back when food, calorie counting, protein grams and watching the clock for my next meal never happened. Thanks for sharing this with all of us!

I totally agree with this comment, I have never been one for breakfast and used to 'save' my lunch money to spend at weekends. It was only when I got into the working world that I started to eat at lunch time and that's when I started to put on weight.

i\'m only 16, and i\'ve been following this diet for months without even knowing it existed! its become a habit of mine over the last couple of years to skip breakfast, as i\'m never hungry at 7 or 8 in the morning. as for lunch, i never really think about food when i\'m at school, and just the smell of the canteen would put me right off if i did anyway. everyone - friends, family, magazines, websites - says that i should be eating 3-6 meals a day, that eating in the evening is really bad for you, etc. to the point where recently i\'ve started to believe it myself. over easter half-term, when i was at home, i would force myself to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with healthy snacks in between. but this just didn\'t work out for me. i was finding myself still eating a lot in the evening out of habit, and even being hungry in the day - whereas when i eat nothing in the day, i don\'t get hungry at all until about 5pm! its such a comfort to read that maybe my \'bad\' ways aren\'t so wrong and unhealthy after all, and that there are people out there who actually choose them to maximise weight-loss and health. i\'m not looking to lose weight, simply maintain it - which i\'ve managed to do with no problem since i started eating like this all those months ago. i will definitely be showing this website to my mum and friends who are so convinced that i\'m making myself ill by fasting the way i do. thanks for putting my mind at rest and making me feel more comfortable about my eating habits.