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Loving Fast-5 and Getting Results

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Loving Fast-5 and Getting Results

Back at the start of October 2012, I began the Alternate Day Diet. By December though, I was struggling with it, and that's when I came across Fast-5. I started F5 on 8th December, and in the 4 weeks since then, I've shed just over 3 kgs. Very pleased! (In total since October, I've shed 15.4 kgs)

But I've also reduced my blood pressure so much that I've had to half both my bp medications (on doctor's advice), and am to come off one of them completely in the next couple of weeks. My blood sugars are also coming down and are in the normal range (although I'm still on medication, but I'm sure that won't be for too much longer).

I'm so grateful to Dr Herring for all the wonderful info in his amazing ebook. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)